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Welcome to Mother Touch, Expert Women’s  Remedial , Mind and  Health,  in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire.

Passionate about supporting all Women in any phase and season, from perinatal, expert pregnancy and postnatal rehabilitation including surgery,  we know first hand of the amazing benefits massage , bodywork, nutrition , and specialised metal health care can have in supporting you to be your best version.

Specialising in Pregnancy Massage, we have the famous Belly Hole tables, that are extra soft and extra large, for unmatched results and relaxation.

We look forward to welcoming you to Mother Touch

Mother Touch Massage

We aim to create a space to replenish your body, mind and soul,  supporting you to make the changes to navigate the future and upgrade and evolve with the ever changing landscape of life. 

The services we offer , events , workshops, and the products and programmes we affiliate with, are all aimed at not only nourishing your body and  health, but also motivating and empowering you to be the best version of yourself. 

With our experience and commitment to ongoing advanced training techniques, we want you to walk out feeling considerably better than when you walked in. Adeptly aware of the interplay between Mind and Body, is why we also offer alternative approaches and treatment paradigms to get you in touch with your true essence.

Remedial rehabilitation and medical massage can offer real solutions during the postpartum and after injury and surgery and massage during pregnancy keep the stress and pain at bay. And Our inter-clinic nutritionist at Wholesomeness Nutrition  and Counsellor at North Star Therapeutics are on hand to support you further. Book in a discovery call with either, to see how they can help you.  

All health funds are accepted with our on-site HICAPS  and mental health plan approved counselling. 

We very much look forward to welcoming you to Mother Touch Sydney.

At Mother Touch Massage

We Aim To

Provide a relaxing, safe and nurturing environment where you are truly listened to and your concerns met.

Offer safe and effective evidence based advanced treatments, including remedial, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, abdominal visceral manipulation, sport therapy and lymphatic work without compromising on ambience and pampering.

Offer alternative approaches and treatment paradigms such as Kinesiology, Reiki and Mind Body Medicine for a deeper connection and longer term results. A place for you to unwind, and connect deeper within.

Mother Touch Massage

What We Offer

Prenatal/ Pregnancy Massage

Safe for any stage of pregnancy, these treatments will keep your changing shape free of holding patterns. Results and relaxation focused, we also have extra large and soft belly hole tables for un-compromised treatments, where you can really take the weight off and drift away.

Induction Massage

From 37 Weeks, a natural and gentle way to prepare for labour, these treatments are relaxing and releasing with a melding of the ancient east and western paradigms, for a perfect mind body and spirit experience.

Postnatal Remedial Massage

These treatments will reintegrate our body and include remedial , myofascial release and visceral manipulation, to name a few. Excellent for post caesarian or abdominoplasty.

Surgery, Abdominoplasty and C-section

A combination of remedial techniques and gentle Visceral Manipulation Abdominal Visceral massage for after c-sections and abdominal surgeries. Please call to discuss contraindications and treatment plan.

Fertility & Preconception Massage + Bodywork

A focus on gentle abdominal visceral manipulation techniques to free internal structures of tension and restrictions which allows for balance of the physical structures and their vascular and neurological associations.

Remedial & Sport Massage

We offer advanced remedial techniques for all women, no matter what their condition. From sport massage to visceral and manual articular approach, we are highly results driven and adaptable to every concern and need.

Alternative Body Work and Kinesiology

A non-invasive, minimal touch treatment that works on a spiritual and energetic level.

Baby Massage

A loving sensory experience for a baby as they adjusts to the world around them.

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Pregnancy Remedial Massage - Mother Touch Massage Sutherland Shire
Pregnancy Remedial Massage - Mother Touch Massage Sutherland Shire
Pregnancy Remedial Massage - Mother Touch Massage Sutherland Shire

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