Booking Policy


Please feel free to call to book or use the Acuity scheduling link found on this website and Facebook and Instagram to book your own appointments. The online booking system allows you to complete the intake form prior to your treatment, cancel or change appointments when you want, and check all future availability. If you do not complete the intake online through the booking system, please allow to arrive 10-15 minutes before your treatment to complete the form.

Treatment Expectations

Before you get on the table, we will conduct a physical assessment and have a chat to check in with how you are feeling and discuss your expectations. Please let us know anything you don’t like or any feedback from your primary and allied practitioners. We get you on the table fairly promptly to give you as much time as possible, and continue to ask you further questions as we settle you in. The first session usually requires more feedback, so we can find out what is really going on, more about past injuries, surgeries, recovery, sport and lifestyle information etc.

For the prenatal massages we have a Belly plug built into the table which we remove so you can lie face down for more effective remedial treatment. The table covering also acts like a sling for your belly  and our clients absolutely LOVE being able to come and lie on their front for an hour or so and often drift to sleep and certainly don’t want to get off.

Energy treatments alone we can do completely clothed so please come in loose fitting comfy clothes and a singlet so we can expose the neck and shoulders.

At Mother Touch We respect your modesty and making your treatment as comfortable as possible and are skilled in draping techniques to provide the most comfortable treatments possible. All treatments that include massage is best done just with your underwear on with all other clothing removed, however you are covered at all times and we just move the draping for each limb and back. A lot of trigger point work, say on the gluts and adductors (inner thigh) muscles are best done over the towel for comfort on your skin and any passive stretching techniques involving the lower limbs we completely drape around and under the limb (like a sumo) for full coverage and modesty


You can cancel your treatment yourself through Acuity up to 12 hours before the treatment. Anything after that time, please call to change or cancel. 24 hours’ notice would be ideal however so we can fill your spot.
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