Induction Massage and treatments

Labour is ideally a gradual process that happens over many weeks. As the baby starts to descend, that feeling of fullness under your ribs is alleviated, often with the help of gentle contractions called Braxton Hicks that can often trick women into thinking the day has arrived.

At Mother Touch we offer Induction treatments from 37 weeks for low to no risk pregnancies, to encourage this process . 

We offer Induction Massage Treatments,  a combined Kinesiology and Remedial (Kinesio-Remedial) Treatments, or stand alone Acupressure Treatments with the option of other modalities such as tuning forks to work along side the acupressure.  

Pregnancy Remedial Massage - Mother Touch Massage Sutherland Shire

The Induction Massage, Kinesio-Remedial and  Mind Body Medicine Techniques, are a very holistic and gentle way to prepare for labour. The main theme is having stress reduced, relaxed and centred, so as to be  receptive to guidance and the  imminent task and changes ahead. 

We include Remedial massage to physically integrate and releases your body for labour; essential oils to activate the hormones; and ancient acupressure points that act on the spiritual, emotional and hormonal planes to balance the meridians, and get the Qi moving downwards for gentle descension of your baby. We also include the Castor Oil Compress as an add-on or as a take home option, as well as our acupressure chart and take home induction oil.

We can also provide a stand alone Energetic treatment ‘without’ the massage that you can do fully clothed, and can include any combination of trigger points, meridian and acupoint work, oils, essences, crystals and tuning forks to take you to that eternal place and prepare for labour on the spiritual level.

As with all treatments at Mother Touch, we will discuss everything with you first to find out what resonates with you, so you can get the best induction for you. 

Kinesio-Remedial Induction Massage

Pregnancy Remedial Massage - Mother Touch Massage Sutherland Shire

With the Kinesio-Remedial Induction Massage, not only will you get a targeted and trusted remedial treatment that includes specific trigger points and the beautifully releasing and aligning glide of myofascial work, you will also be guided by a journey of  gentle muscle activation’s, lymphatic and neuro points, ancient acupressure points with their metaphors and meanings, oils, essences, crystals and sound .

A very alternatively holistic induction, a gentle preparation for  labour, of mind, body and spirit, leaving you feeling empowered within and connected to something so much greater than yourself.


Pregnancy Remedial Massage - Mother Touch Massage Sutherland Shire 

Induce Me Induction Products

Choose a castor oil compress as an add-on that we will place on you during the treatment for topical absorption and which you will also take home. There is also the option of taking home a bottle of this beautiful Castor oil we have sourced with the compress. It is Organic, Cold Pressed and Hexane Free. Only the best will do. 

We also have the Induction oil containing a blend of the  Contraindicated Oils that can aid in labour. These are in an organic Jojoba carrier oil and come with an acupressure chart. They come as part of some treatments or you can choose these as an add on, or simply purchase in store. 

Pregnancy Remedial Massage - Mother Touch Massage Sutherland Shire

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