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Psycho Emotional Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Remedial Massage Therapy has been demonstrated to be highly beneficial during pregnancy in decreasing pain and discomfort and also decreasing anxiety,  often be a direct result of the  body pain and loss of physical function.

Physical complaints include: lower back pain inlcuding SIJ, lumbar and bra line; leg,  hip pain and calf cramping;  swelling and oedema; carpal tunnel or tingling in hands and feet;  and headaches.

Mother Touch Massage

Massage therapy has been demonstrated to be highly beneficial during pregnancy and the post-partum period, in decreasing pain, discomfort.

At Mother Touch, we truly listen to your concerns and aim to make a difference in how you feel when you walk out.

We can provide relaxing body treatments where you can drift away, and we can offer uncompromised remedial treatments that get results.

Pregnancy can be stressful time without the added stress of body discomfort and research has demonstrated, a decrease in cortisol levels of the pregnant mother correlates with significantly better birth outcomes and decreases the likelihood of postpartum depression.

One way massage can have an effect on anxiety is through direct stimulation of the Vagus nerve around the head and neck structures. The biochemical factors underpins stress, which in turn ensures optimal digestion for proper assimilation of nutrients for your babies growth.

Postnatal Abdominal Visceral Massage also has a scientifically evidenced effect on the Vagus nerve in freeing up the structures in the abdominal viscera area, once again having a effect on the a person’s response to stress.

Some Emotional reasons for massage during pregnancy:

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