Why Mother Touch Massage

The clinic offering at Mother Touch, specialises in the perinatal, prenatal and postnatal remedial massage and has been a natural evolution built from personal experience in pregnancy, labour and caesarean, as well as rehabilitation, surgery and recovery from pregnancy related abdominal surgery.

The journey through various physical therapies before and afterwards,  lead Owner and Therapist Claire,  to study many different modalities with this healing in mind and then onto advanced trainings and medical massage, in order to help herself and in doing so, learning how to help others

Mother Touch also has the custom made Belly Hole Table so we can offer you uncompromised treatments, with your spine in alignment.


How can I book?

You can book via the online booking system linked throughout the webpage, or on Facebook and Instagram. Or if you would like call to discuss and book, please feel free to contact direct  (link back to contact page)

Alternatively, as it can be hard to do anything with kids and babes in arms, SMS 0474152046 with your email address (if first time booking),  and we can liaise that way for availability and down to the actual  booking.


Booking Confirmation and Reminders

You will receive an instant text and email from the booking system when you are booked in , an email 48 hours before and a email or text on the days .


Cancelling Appointments

If you book online yourself or if you follow your booking confirmation email, you can log back on at anytime and reschedule or cancel yourself, right up to on the day and several hours before the appointment. Any trouble logging on, feel free to call or text.

24 hours notice is ideal so we can book that spot for someone else.


Is Pregnancy Massage Safe for Me?

Trained in pregnancy Massage with the right pre-screening, you are safe at any stage for a massage at Mother Touch.

If you have concerns or a high risk pregnancy, have a chat with your OB, midwife or doctor, and call us directly about the treatment plan suitable for your requirements, so you get to the have  the ‘time out’ and nurturing you deserve without any stress.

More information can be found here. (link to prenatal massage page)


Will you Massage my Belly and what is abdominal massage?

For the prenatal massage we will not massage your Belly. This is not required unless the client particularly finds this soothing.


All remedial massage therapists are “qualified’ per se to give abdominal massage. However there is a specialised form of Medical Massage that is a separate journey of advanced post graduate training that really sets this apart from the undergraduate training. This is next level palpatory skills , evidence based and backed by science that gets you real results.


Abdominal Medical Massage is very gentle and wonderful for fertility and postnatal rehabilitation. It is also great for longer term postnatal rehabilitation and after some forms of abdominal surgery to free the viscera from restrictions. With first hand experience through rehabilitation after caesarean, hernias and abdominal surgery, please call  to discuss whether this could be for you.



How can I order gift Vouchers and how will I receive this?

Gift Vouchers can be ordered via the booking system or via this link https://app.squarespacescheduling.com/catalog.php?owner=25328730

You will automatically receive an electronic version of the gift vouchers once you have purchased it online. You can print this off or forward this onto your recipient.

If you would like the actual Gift Card, please indicate you would like to pick this up or have posted out and include an address where you would like this to go.  If you happen to miss this part when ordering, just contact me call or text me on 0474152046 with voucher number and your request. Too easy!!



How much do treatments cost and do we offer cost effective Massage Packages?

The Costs of all treatments can be found on our Prices page found here.

And Yes of course we offer cost effective packages whereby you can pay upfront for a  set of massages, saving considerably on each massage.

We also offer the option of having the packages bought as gift vouchers. Many of my clients request this from their loved ones for their Christmas and birthday presents.

Please see down the bottom of the Prices page for the Package options including our 6 x Massage Family Package, where by any member of your family can redeem a massage. This is a great way to thank grandma for the babysitting .

We love sharing the caring at Mother Touch!




Health Fund Rebates + Onsite HICAPS (and what happens for Gift Vouchers and Packages)

Fully qualified remedial therapists, registered with the Association of Massage Therapists (AMT) are registered for all Health Funds Rebates. We are also eligible to undertake advanced training along side our allied colleagues and are required to accrue considerable CPD Hours every year in order to have a provider number.

At Mother Touch we now have an onsite fixed terminal Hicaps Machine that offer you automatic rebates for all providers so you are not out of pocket.



Rebates for a Gift Voucher or a Treatment Packages?

We can not offer rebates for Gift Vouchers however we can offer you instant rebate refunds for Packages, each time you redeem a massage. The monies will be added directly to your card from the terminal, so remember to bring your private Health Card and Eftpos card with you.



Do you offer other types of Massage and treatments?

Yes Mother Touch is a Womens Remedial clinic that offers body work for Women through all their phases including:

  • Remedial
  • Sport massage
  • Abdominal visceral
  • Reiki
  • Kinesiology


The basic remedial massage on the abdomen (not during pregnancy) is wonderful for digestion, we can even teach you how you can do this specifically to yourself to get things flowing. It works!! However we physically cant do this during pregnancy (unfortunately ) however speak to me about the other body work options and acupressure that can help with motility.



How can postnatal massage help?

So many benefits. Please read about the postnatal benefits here  (link to postnatal page or benefits page)



Where is Mother Touch Located?

Mother touch is located in Engadine, upstairs in 3 Station Street above the Medical Practice. We are directly (and I mean directly) across from the entrance to Engadine Station and adjacent to the McDonalds carpark.

You can almost always get a park in the McDonald’s carpark or alternatively there is the Aldi Car Park, Street parking or under Pet Barn.

Any issues, call and we can direct you.

A link to the google maps can be found here



Can I give reviews?

Yes we love reviews and this is what we need to help our business grow and also let other people know what we do and what other people have liked.

Although the Google and Facebook Reviews are a big help to business, anonymous reviews are still highly valued. Just send an email, stating “Anonymous Review’ and a statement about your massage and we can then include in our marketing usually with just your first name  and month and date of the review.

If you would like to review on Google, go to our link-tree in the Bio on Instagram or Facebook and there is a button ‘Google Business Reviews’  that takes you straight to the  Google Business Review Page for Mother Touch. Alternatively, there is an option on Facebook to leave a review.

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