Postnatal Remedial Massage

With such a sudden bodily change in the post partum period and feeding regime mum’s of new born’s are tired and sore, often running on adrenaline and in much need of R&R.

Any Massage postnatally is great ‘time out’ for new mum’s , but massage with a skilled remedial therapist, can not only help with integrating your body back, but also have profound structural benefits in your rehabilitation period and for years to come.
Mother Touch Massage
Mother Touch Massage, is at the forefront of postnatal massage for all births including Cesarian Sections (c-section) abdominal surgery. Myofascial release along with abdominal visceral massage, is gentle in releasing off holding patterns in the body and the abdominal area to allow the structures to glide and be free of restrictions. After abdominal surgery in particular, structures can stick, effecting other structures , which can effect your whole system.

You body wants to heal and can heal itself but sometimes needs a little nudge in the right direction. The integrity of the abdominal viscera can be increased and guided in the right direction and your bodies intelligence will respond to this.

A trained therapist is one thing, a therapist that understands the anatomy is another but a skilled therapist with intelligence in their hands is something else altogether.

We massage postnatally from 2 weeks, 6 weeks if any surgery was involved (due to blood clotting risk), or any time if your doctor gives you permission.
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