Energy Work, Kinesiology and Reiki

We offer Energetic Healing as a standalone treatment or combined,  for all stages of your journey from preconception to postnatally and beyond. These non Invasive, minimal touch treatments work on the spiritual and energetic levels of your subtle body.

Energy Work and Acupressure  is great for common conditions in pregnancy such as oedema, constipation, nausea, varicose veins, cramping and headaches or for lacation and postnatal recovery. If you have a condition and you would like some acupressure and energetic work, you can select it as an ‘add on’ when making your booking so time is dedicated to this . We can however include this in your regular  massage time if you ask us before hand. 

It’s often done fully clothed if a stand alone treatment or with legs and arms exposed so we can place oil and essences on the acupoints.

We also offer Reiki during pregnancy utilising the belly hole table so you can keep your spine nicely aligned. This is a beautiful modality to find the stillness within and connect to something so much greater than yourself. 


Mother Touch Massage

Why Energy Healing and Kinesiology

There are many ways to work  as a kinesiologist and no two are the same. At Mother Touch we work with Structural Kinesiology and take the wisdom of the east  with the science remedial, sport and  medical massage to see if we can get better longer lasting results.

We primarily use gentle muscle testing and various points on the body as a road map as to the deeper cause of discomfort and to break that pattern. 

Muscle testing looks for subtle imbalances in the body and provides good information for therapists as to what is happening to isolated muscles, if they are under or over facilitated and really gives us a picture as to what is happening , informing our treatment protocols and ongoing plan. 

We can then go on to use various correction techniques using acupoints, oils, essences, sound, and visualisations , and/ or  remedial trigger point techniques, myofascial work and deeper work with the viscera and organs that relate more psychologically and biochemically to the issue at hand. 


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